Model PSB-K12 (M-50) – Patriot Anti-Terrorist Ram Gate

Vertical Security Gate Models

We are confident that our vertical pivot security gates will provide the best value for your application.Only seven moving parts are designed into each hydraulic Tilt-A-Way vertical pivot gate model, ensuring low maintenance – a statement others cannot make. Our Twin barriers up to 50 feet in length and 9 feet in height have proven themselves in winds exceeding 100 mph and in extreme surface temperatures.

Our security gates are low-maintenance and can withstand high winds and high surface temperatures.Each vertical opening Tilt-A-Way gate is backed by the industries finest 3-year limited warranty. Our satisfaction guaranteed policy ensures that your security Tilt-A-Way gates provide the highest value for your application, entry after entry and year after year. In fact, we are so confident in our quality assurance program that we also offer a six month return policy if you are not completely satisfied our security gate models.

  • With a single barrier we can secure a roadway up to 25 feet wide x 9 feet tall and a 50 foot roadway with 2 operators.
  • With a single barrier we can secure a roadway up to 22 feet wide x 11 feet tall and a 44 foot roadway with 2 operators.

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